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By Dan Margetta

Slinger, Wis.,
Aug. 23—Lowell Bennett kept his cool during a rough and tumble KFC/Pepsi Challenge Championship 80-lap super lat e model feature to capture his fifth victory of the season Sunday night at the Slinger Super Speedway.

“What a fun night here, it looks like we got a little damage on the back of the car we didn’t even realize we had,” Bennett said after a race in which he inherited the top spot after leaders Al Schill and Dale Prunty tangled late in the event, “I was watching them and we were gaining on them every single lap there and I just didn’t want to see them get into that. It’s fun just to out-race these guys.

Al Schill and Dave Feiler brought the field to the green flag with Feiler getting the early jump to lead the opening laps with Schill slotted behind him, just ahead of David Prunty in third. Schill pressured Feiler for a few laps before edging to the inside on lap seven to take the lead going into turn one. When Feiler quickly attempted to fill the minute gap between Schill and third place Prunty entering turn three, contact between himself and Prunty sent Feiler’s car spinning around to draw the first caution flag, resulting in both Feier and Prunty being sent to the rear of the field for the restart.

Schill led Randy Schuler and Dale Prunty as racing resumed with Dale Prunty immediately charging into second place using the inside lane as Gary LaMonte, Collin Bamke, and Rich Loch all took advantage of the inside lane to move into third through fifth respectively. The caution flag waved again on lap 17 for a two car incident involving Brad Dahmer and David Prunty in turn two with Schill maintaining his lead over Dale Prunty. Schill and Dale Prunty renewed their battle for the lead as the race went back to green as farther back Feiler began to work his way forward, pressuring Jon Reynolds Jr. for eighth. After a few taps on Reynolds bumper, Feiler muscled  his way around on lap 28, sending Reynolds high on the track and as he tried to dive back in line, Reynolds cut across the front of Steve Apel, resulting in Reynolds spinning into turn one with the caution flag waving for the third time.

Once again Schill and Dale Prunty began to battle for the lead as racing resumed with Schill on the inside and Prunty in the high groove. The two put on a spectacular display for several laps as Prunty looked to have the advantage entering the corners but a loose condition off the turns allowed Schill to draw even down the straightaway. The driving clinic the two put on went awry in a hurry on lap 49 when Prunty dove back to the inside and contact between the two in turn four sent Schill spinning down the frontstretch, sending both to the rear of the field and handing the lead to Lowell Bennett with Collin Bamke and Feiler close behind. Bamke put up a valiant effort on the outside as racing resumed, but Bennett kept the lead while Dennis and David Prunty began to march forward, racing into fourth and fifth. The Prunty brothers were the drivers on the move in the later stages as they both passed Feiler for third by lap 65 and Dennis Prunty eased ahead of Bamke for second place. The final caution flag waved on lap 68 for an incident between Gary LaMonte and Rich Loch which also swept up Randy Schuler and Al Schill in turn four with Bennett leading Dennis Prunty, Bamke, and David Prunty.

Bennett was on his game for the restart and turned back the challenges of Dennis Prunty to hold the lead while David Prunty was able to pass Bamke for third. Bennett extended his lead over the final laps and drove to his fifth feature win of the season while Dennis Prunty finished second and David Prunty was third. Collin Bamke and Conrad Morgan rounded out the top five while Dave Feiler finished sixth ahead of Scott Schoeni and Dale Prunty. Jon Reynolds Jr. and Brad Dahmer were ninth and tenth respectively.

Chris Ratajczyk drove to the win in the 20-lap super late model semi-feature over Race McComb and Jerry Eckhardt. Ron Ragan and Nathan Matz were fourth and fifth. Dale Prunty was the winner of the super late model fast dash and Dennis Prunty was the fastest qualifier after turning in a lap at 11.496 seconds.


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By Dan Margetta
Slinger, Wis., Aug. 16—Dennis Prunty battled with Jamie Wallace and Collin Bamke before capturing his second feature win of the season in the Pomp’s Tire Fan Appreciation 65 Sunday night at the Slinger Super Speedway.

“I tell you what, me and Jamie Wallace, this year we’ve had a few incidents, but we ran clean and we ran fun, ” Prunty told the crowd from victory lane after wrestling with Wallace for the lead following two restarts, “That’s what I like to do.”

The field was led to the green flag by Wallace and David Prunty with David inching ahead to lead the opening laps while Dennis Prunty, Brad Dahmer, and Al Schill lined up in third through fifth respectively. Wallace’s car turned well on the inside line and he was able to duck to the inside of David Prunty to take the lead on lap six, with Dennis Prunty following suit a few laps later to claim second. Prunty tailed Wallace for a few laps before making the move for the lead on lap 21. With Dennis Prunty leading Wallace out front, close quarters racing in the pack behind them jumbled positions nearly every lap before things began to sort out by lap 25 with Schill occupying third ahead of David Prunty and Dahmer. The inside line was the hot set up early on with anyone advancing positions having to quickly slice back down in line across the nose of the car passed which led to numerous instances of minor contact throughout the field.

Frustrations from that situation led to the first caution flag waving on lap 29 when Steve Apel and Dave Feiler tangled in turn two, severely damaging Apel’s machine. Dennis Prunty chose the inside for the restart but it was Wallace who had his car wound up on the=2 0high line and he charged to the lead as racing resumed. Prunty battled alongside for several laps before Wallace worked the outside long enough to be able to clear Prunty to take command of the race while behind them, Collin Bamke moved up to battle with Schill, David Prunty, and Lowell Bennett for third. The caution flag waved for the second time on lap 46 when David Prunty slid backwards in turn three and nudged the retaining wall. This time, Wallace lined up on the inside and Dennis Prunty took to the outside lane for the restart and as the green flag flew, Prunty used the momentum from the outside to pull off the same move Wallace executed fifteen laps earlier to take the lead. Bamke also utilized the outside line to challenge Wallace for second as Prunty began to scoot away. The door to door battle for second between Bamke and Wallace allowed Prunty to extend his lead by lap 50. Bamke eventually was able to work his way around Wallace for second and began to try to track down Prunty for the lead, but with the laps winding down, he was unable to close. Prunty drove under the checkered flag to score his second feature win of the season while Bamke finished a strong second. Wallace crossed the stripe in third place while Al Schill and Lowell Bennett were fourth and fifth respectively. Mike Egan finished in sixth place just ahead of Brad Dahmer and Jeff Holtz in seventh and eighth while Jon Reynolds Jr. and Dave Feiler rounded out the top ten.

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    Qualifying   Dash/Heat Feature
Date Location Time Pos. Start Finish Start Finish
5/10/2009 Slinger Speedway 11.613 6 2 1 6 12
5/17/2009 Slinger Speedway 11.71 9 ---- ---- 3 2
5/25/2009 Slinger Speedway 11.617 6 1 1 6 5
6/15/2009 Slinger Speedway 11.769 7 ---- ---- 19 1
6/21/2009 Slinger Speedway 11.586 1 6 6 10 3
6/28/2009 Slinger Speedway 11.579 4 4 2 5 3
8/16/2009 Slinger Speedway 11.735 9 ---- ---- 2 11



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